100 wc week 33

In a flash of lightning I saw him. Standing in the middle of the road staring at the dark clouds gathering overhead.  The boy turned and looked at me, as if he had known I was standing there the entire time that he was looking at the sky. He stared at me with eyes as blue as an ocean wave. Then, in a flash of a moment, he tossed me a ring. The ring was the same color as his eyes. It was beautiful. Then he put a finger to his lips, smiled and disappeared leaving me in the rain.

100 Word Challenge Week 21

Suddenly all the lights went out. At first I didn’t notice because for some reason I could see perfectly well. I turned and looked around. Everyone around me was staggering blindly and trying to find the nearest exit. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure encased in a red glow. He seemed to be able to see. In fact he started to walk straight towards me. I tried to back away, but I couldn’t move. He came up behind me and whispered in my ear.

“Your time is up huntress.” Then the world went dark.

Week 18 5 sentance challenge

The busy roadside stand was bustling with weary travelers heading west. There were families, and workers all working together to get a beat up lorry back on the road. It was wonderful to see all kinds of people, who don’t even know each other, come together to help and get something done.  If we could live like this all the time, there would be no hate, no wars, no avoidable misunderstandings. I wish our lives could always be like this, people always helping others, people being kind because it is the right thing to do, accepting what makes us unique.

100 W.C. week 17

Ceira, Mia and I were walking home from school one amiable, sunny afternoon.

“Do you want to go for a run?” I asked.

“No. I want to relax after that huge test in Social Studies.” Ceira said. We all sighed remembering the SUPER hard, almost incomprehensible test Mr. Mass had given us.

“His tests devastate me.” Mia groaned.

“I KNOW RIGHT!” Ceira and I exclaimed in unison. The wind picked up. As the weather changed they shivered.

“Why don’t we go swimming?” I asked.

“That sounds amazing.” said Mia. “Let’s go.”

“WAIT!” Ceira exclaimed. “Don’t we have another test tomorrow?”


100 wc week 16

I closed my eyes tight as the darkness carried me away. Finally I felt the ground beneath my feet and I breathed a sigh of relief. When I opened my eyes I was standing in a strange place. My surroundings were completely white except for two grey doors. I looked in front and behind. Which way? If I took the right one would it bring me home? And if I took the wrong one where would it take me? I took a deep breath and stepped through one of the doorways and was swept away in a swirl of darkness.

100 wc week 15

In 2017 I hope

The world will have peace

The children will rejoice

The people will feel

Like they finally have a voice

The people will have peace

Everyone will be glad

The tension will release

There will be happiness to be had

The ones who need some comfort

Will never be alone

The ones who are abandoned

Will finally have a home

The ones who need us most

Will always have a place

Even when they feel

They need a little space

There will never be any strife

Between the ones

Who have known each other

For their entire life.

100 wc Peaky

Greetings humans of Earth! My name is Peaky. I am so excited for my first trip to space! I will be able to see the entire planet from the sky. There is a book that I have had read to me, (I cannot read that well yet), called War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. We robots don’t have wars or presidents. We are all made equal. It is still good to have elected leaders, but it is even better to have ones who lead us into peace. Let everyone have their opinions, and have your own as well.




100 wc Week 10

I slowly walked into the classroom. My head was down and I felt like I was going to cry. I quickly asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom. I rushed down the hall, and almost immediately after I got there I burst into tears. A few days ago I found out that my best friend, Leah, and her family had died in a car crash. We used to do everything together. And now she was gone. I knew they were dead, but where were they going? Would they be happy there? I miss my best friend. Leah.

100 WC Week 9

I haven’t come here since my grandmother died. I step into her room. The walls are painted green, and there are flowers painted as well. My grandmother’s favorites had been the yellow daffodils. She had said that they were little rays of sun that had fallen from the sky. I remember painting the flowers with her. I noticed a box sticking out from under her bed. When I  opened the box cloud of smoke came out. I coughed and sputtered. As the smoke cleared I went back to look in the box. Inside was a picture of a yellow daffodil.

100 wc week 8

Laying in a field of wildflowers,

Smelling the sweet fragrance,

And hearing the hummingbirds,

Tenderly flitting from flower to flower,

The sky is as clear as a window,

The sun a crystal ball in the sky,

Setting over a painted sunset,

A slight breeze ruffles my hair,

 Yellow flowers surround me,

However in this field of yellow,

There are other colors of red, pink, and deep purple,

They envelop me,

Gingerly sweeping my face,

As they sway in the wind,

I have discovered,

That just to spend a while,

in a field of wildflowers,

Is a remarkable and memorable experience.